[Kurosawa seminar] Kurosawa Seminar starts its studies and activities (Professor Kurosawa) (11 April 2013)


 On 11 April 2013, Kurosawa Seminar was held for the first time. Mr. Yasuki Uchiyama is leader and Ms. Minako Ishikawa is vice leader in Kurosawa Seminar.
 In the fourth period, an orientation was held for new Kurosawa Seminar students. Then, students reviewed procedures for printing, an accounting report and programmes for the seminar. Later they tried to decide a country to visit as study tour in this summer. However, it was difficult to choose only one country because countries students wanted to go were deferent.
 In the fifth period, Professor Kurosawa taught them how to write proper English, referring to some sentences with mistakes. (Kohei Yokota)