[Kurosawa seminar] The peace-building in East Timor, UNTAET and Brahimi Report (30 May 2013)


 On 30 May 2013, during the 4th period class, Sayaka Yatabe and Keiki Takemasa made presentations on the peace operations in East Timor, especially focusing on UNTAET. First, Keiki Takemasa explained differences between UNTAET and other previous PKO and 20 achievements made by UNTAET. Then, Sayaka Yatabe pointed out three issues of UNTAET: (1) inadequate preparations of establishment, (2) security problem, (3) lack of personnel and equipment to enforce a law. Finally, Keiki Takemasa mentioned the necessity of role-sharing to make good governance. He also referred to the lessons learned from UNTAET.
 In the 5th period, Yasuki Uchiyama made presentations on Brahimi Report. First, he introduced Lakhadar Brahimi and overview of Brahimi Report. Secondly, he mentioned comprehensive peacekeeping operations and emphasized that peace building and peacekeeping need to be performed at the same time. Finally he explained the change of the concept of peace operations. (Risa Kato)