Six Japanese participate in GPOI/SML Peacekeeping Training Course Nov 11-22, 2013


 Six Japanese senior staff of the Japanese government and UN agencies participated in the training course organized by Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United States Pacific Command for two weeks from 11 to 22 November 2013. The training course was opened and closed by Japanese Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs Hirotaka Ishihara, and assisted by Nobuharu Imanishi, Director of International Peace Cooperation and his staff Sachiko Kitahara. Japanese participants were Major General Kimihiko Iwamura and Senior Colonel Shinji Furusho of Japan Self-Defense Forces; Kaoru Magosak, Principal Deputy Director of Economic Policy Division of MOFA; Junko Kunugi, Special Representative of UNICEF in the Palestinian terrirtory; Coco Ushiyama, WFP Representative in Malawi; Shoko Arakaki, UNOCHA External and Donor Relations Chief; Mikiko Sawanishi and UNDEF Deputy Executive Chief. Three persons who attended the course as observers were Miwa Kato of UNODC, Yumiko Takashima of UNHCR and Kazuyoshi Kuroda of JICA. Professor Sukehiro Hasegawa acted as one of the principal mentors while Professor Kenji Isezaki and Ms. Ai Kihara-Hunt delivered lectures on DDS and human rights respectively.