[Myanmar] IOM Yangon office Mr. Greg Irving (23rd Aug 2012)

On 23rd Aug, Myanmar study tour group and Professor Hasegawa visited IOM Yangon office and benefitted from a briefing given by Mr. Greg Irving. He explained the history of IOM involvement in Myanmar and their activities relating to migration health, emergency/recovery responses and migrant protection especially for trafficked persons.
According to him, IOM was assisting government to manage migration and also working closely with UNHCR and WHO. Nowadays a growing number of people migrate to Thailand legally or illegally. If adequately managed and the health of migrants protected, migration is not a problem, but rather a solution to the problem, if adequately managed and the health of migrants protected. In addition, Mr. Greg Irving said that migrants are travelling healthy. Migrants have very diverse groups. IOM needs to identify and address the specific vulnerabilities of each migrant. (Jieun Park)

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