Independent Panel Chair José Ramos-Horta Hands Summary Panel Report on UN Peace Operations to Yasushi Akashi, Vice President of the UN Association of Japan (20th June 2015)

 Please see below for detail and the summary report.

 Former President of Timor-Leste José Ramos-Horta handed a summary of the Report of the Independent High Level Panel on UN Peace Operations to Mr. Yasushi Akashi, Vice President of the UN Association of Japan. The key observations made by the Panel stressed the primacy of political nature of the UN peace operations and the full spectrum of responses that should be tailored to context. The Panel also stressed the need for a vision and stronger partnership among member states and regional organizations. In their view, the peace missions should be field-focused and people-centered.

 The panel recommended systematic selection of senior leadership candidates through merit-based processes and appointment of a Deputy Secretary-General to align Headquarters structures for more focused filed operations.

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