Deputy Director-General for Asia and the Pacific of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Shigeki Takizaki will speak on peace challenges facing in the South China Sea (closed)

 On 11th July 2015, Mr. Shigeki Takizaki will speak about the challenges for peacebuilding in the South China Sea. After his speech, Ms. Ai Kihara-Hunt will make a presentation on the individual criminal accountability of the UN Police. The provisional program of this seminar can be found below.

 If you are interested in participating in this seminar, please send your message to Professor Katsumi Ishizuka (石塚 勝美), Secretary-General of the Global Peacebuilding Forum of Japan (


Provisional Program of the 15th Global Peacebuilding Forum Seminar

  Date: 15:00-17:30, 11th July 2015
  Venue: Boisonade Tower 6th-Floor Room BT0606, Hosei University, Ichigaya Campus, Tokyo

  14:30 Registration
  15:00 Opening remarks (Professor Satoru Kurosawa)

  15:05 “Challenges for Peacebuilding in South China Sea”
     Mr. Shigeki Takizaki,
       Deputy Director-General, Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific,
       Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  15:45 “Individual Criminal Accountability of the UN Police”
     Ms. Kihara-Hunt Ai,
       Former Staff, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

  16:15 Short break
  16:20 Discussion (Moderator: Professor Sukehiro Hasegawa)
  17:20 Concluding remarks
  17:30 End

  17:45- Informal dinner


Speaker’s Biography

Mr. Shigeki Takizaki

 Mr. Shigeki TAKIZAKI (滝崎 成樹) is Deputy Director-General, Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (since 2014). He was also Director, Personnel Division (2011-14); Minister for Public Affairs, Embassy of Japan in US (2010-11); Director, Security Policy Division and International Peace Cooperation Division(2009-10); Private Secretary to Foreign Minister (2008-09); and UN Policy Division (2006-8).

 Ms. Ai KIHARA-HUNT (キハラハント 愛) is an expert on human rights and police. She is a PhD graduand in Law at the University of Essex, UK. Her PhD research was on the accountability of the UN Police, awaiting publication. Prior to that, she worked in the UN-OHCHR in Nepal and at the headquarters, UNHCR in Sri Lanka, Truth Commission in Timor-Leste (CAVR), and two UN Peace Operations (UNTAET and UNAMET). At the OHCHR-Nepal, she served as the Security Forces Focal Point, and managed a UN Peace Fund project on transitional justice. Her work was published as “Armed Police Force Human Rights Handbook” and incorporated into the Force’s curriculum. Her other publications include “UN Peace Operations: from National Security to Human Rights and Human Security”.