Japanese Students Performed Well at JCK Cultural Show in Gyeongju, South Korea

 On September 16, 2015, the JCK Youth Forum held a cultural night show. The Japanese students excelled in their performance of traditional songs and dances.


Report by Ayaka Mae of Wakayama University
who participated in the Cultural Night event held at the JCK Youth Forum
in Gyeongju on September 16, 2015

 At the end of the JCK Youth Forum, the students held a big fun cultural night event that they longed for. They performed their countries’ traditional and contemporary dances and sung song.

 This year, the Korean students performed popular dances and charmed the audience, especially boys! The Japanese students first sung a song, ‘Hana wa saku’ (Flowers Will Bloom) which had been produced by NHK. The song held special meaning as it commemorated the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. That song brought much charity donation for the victims of the 3.11 earthquake. Then, the Japanese students performed a lively dance called “Yo-kai Taiso” which came from the animation, “Yo-kai-Watch”. The second dance was called “So-ran Bushi,” one of the most well-known traditional songs depicting the lives of fishermen.

 Big applauses given to the Japanese performance showed that Chinese and Korean students would remember the Japanese performance which will remain in their memory. I am sure that they remembered the dances in their sub-consciousness, and sang and danced happily in dreams after their long and hectic days. That meant the Japanese performances had successfully done their job thanks to midnight practices.

 The Chinese students performed a popular dance and a Japanese song ‘Tokinonagareni miwo makase’ by Teresa Teng who is one of the most popular Asian singers in the 21st century to bridge Japan and other Asian countries’ gaps. We also sung the song praying for improved relations between China and Japan.

 In our great community we shared art thru dance and music and we re-affirmed the possibility of connecting our minds and hearts in music and dance.

Ayaka Mae (前 綾香)
Wakayama University