Professor Hasegawa Delivers Public Lecture at Raoul Wallenberg Institute in Lund, Sweden on 30 September 2013

 As one of three speakers at the public debate held as part of the International Humanitarian and Human Rights in Armed Conflicts organized the Raoul Wallenberg Institute (RWI) in Lund, Sweden, on 30 September and 1 October 2013, Professor Sukehiro Hasegawa spoke about two approaches taken by Japan and Korea on the one hand and Indonesia and Timor-Leste on the other hand with regard to sexual misconducts of soldiers during war and armed conflict. Two other speakers, Margot Wallstrom, former UN Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General and Almiro Rodriques, Judge at the Constitutional Court of Kosovo spoke respectively about “Another kind of war – on conflict-related sexual violence” and “Massive violations character and its implications as a challenge for international human rights and international humanitarian law.”

 Organized by Ms. Miriam Estrada-Castillo, Visiting Professor, and Alejandro Fuentes of RWI, the conference brought together more than 20 scholars and specialists on international human rights and humanitarian law. They included Hans Corell, former Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations and Legal Affairs and Legal Counsel, Gregor Noll, Professor of International Law, Torsten and Ragnar Soderberg Foundations Chai, Lars Plum, Deputy State Prosecutor at the Special International Crimes Office in Denmark, Brigida Pastor, Senior Lecturer of Spanish National Research Council in Madrid, Suchada Kulawat, Policy Officer of UN Department of Safety and Security and Jan Kleffner, Head of the International Law Centre, Associate Professor of International Law at the Swedish National Defense College and Christoffer Wong, Senior Lecturer of Lund University. The Raoul Wallenberg Institute was represented by Director Marie Tuma, Acting Director Rolf Ring, Professor Emeritus Goran Melander, Research and Library Head Christina Johnsson as well as other researchers and doctoral students.

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  1. Being able to benefit from the remarkable experience and knowledge of Professor Hasegawa, his wisdom along with his direct understanding of the daily struggle for peace and Human Rights, was indeed, an absolute privilege. In addition, the Conference provided to all participants as well as to the international and Swedish students who filled the Conference room of the University during the open event- with the luxury of enjoying first hand wisdom from personages that have written history –as Professor Hasegawa had- in the permanent effort to bring Human Rights and Peace for Humanity. I am deeply grateful for the presence and contribution of Professor Hasegawa and all the experts named on this publication that we deeply appreciate.

    Dr Miriam Estrada-Castillo
    Visiting Professor
    Raoul Wallenberg Institute


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