Masaki Noke, new Director-General of the International Peace Cooperation Secetariat of the Cabinet Office reiterates that Japan will make further contributtions to meet the diverse operational needs of UN peace operations (25/08/2017)

 In his opening speech to the consultation meeting held with Mr. Hatem Elatawy, Deputy Director of Cairo Center for Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping in Africa (CCCPA), Director-General Noke indicated three salient developments concerning international peace cooperation.


Shiga presents India’s assistance for the promotion of democratic governance in other developing countries (02/07/2016)

 According to Hiroaki Shiga of JICA Research Institute, the inclusive and pluralistic democracy of India provides the role model for other developing countries and the India’s constitution has been studied by Singapore, Malaysia, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Nepal, Bhutan and other developing countries (Reported byTakashi Kamishiro). Please click here for a full story.


[NOTICE] HSP Seminar “Challenges of UN Strategy on International Terrorism” (closed)

 On 9th October 2015, the Global Peacebuilding Academy will co-organize a seminar on international terrorism with the Graduate Program on Human Security, the University of Tokyo (HSP). In this seminar, Associate Professor Yasuhiro Ueki of Sophia University will lecture entitled “Challenges of UN Strategy on International Terrorism”; afterward both Professor Saburo Takizawa of Toyo Eiwa University and Professor Hasegawa will comment his presentation respectively. For specific information, please see here on the HSP website.


Gaimusho Deputy D-G Takizaki explains ownership claimed by China, the Philippines, Vietnam for islands in the South China Sea (11th July 2015)

 Mr. Shigeki Takizaki, Deputy Director-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan made an informative presentation on territorial disputes in the South China Sea. Both island and maritime claims are made by several states including the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of China (Taiwan), Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. Their disputes concern in particular both the Spratly and the Paracel islands. The interests of different nations include securing fishing areas around the archipelagos; the potential exploitation of crude oil and natural gas under the waters of various parts of the South China Sea.


Deputy Director-General for Asia and the Pacific of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Shigeki Takizaki will speak on peace challenges facing in the South China Sea (closed)

 On 11th July 2015, Mr. Shigeki Takizaki will speak about the challenges for peacebuilding in the South China Sea. After his speech, Ms. Ai Kihara-Hunt will make a presentation on the individual criminal accountability of the UN Police. The provisional program of this seminar can be found here. If you are interested in participating in this seminar, please send your message to Professor Katsumi Ishizuka (石塚 勝美), Secretary-General of the Global Peacebuilding Forum of Japan (


Ambassador Kenzo Oshima on the Prospect for UN Reform (16th June 2015)

 Ambassador Oshima in his one-hour presentation to the participants of a peacebuilding seminar held at Hosei University on May 30, 2015 appraised some important achievements made in the ‘Outcome Document’ of September 2005, on the occasion of the summit meeting commemorating the UN 50th anniversary. They included the establishment of Peace-building Commission (PBC), the Human Rights Council (UNHRC), and the formal launching of new concepts such as ‘Responsibility to Protect’ and ‘Human Security’. (Click here for the rest.)


Ambassador Kenzo Oshima Will Speak About Changing International Regime on 30th May 2015 (closed)

 On 30th May 2015, Ambassador Kenzo Oshima will speak about the changes taking place in the international regime during the period of 70 years since the end of World War II. Prior to his speech, Professor Masako Yonekawa will make a brief presentation on the nature of complex emergencies in Rwanda and Congo. The provisional program of this seminar can be downloaded here. If you are interested in participating in this seminar, please send your message to Professor Katsumi Ishizuka (石塚 勝美), Secretary-General of the Peacebuilding Research Association of Japan (


[PRAJ] Religion and Proactive Pacifism Discussed in Peacebuilding Seminar (14th March 2015)

 Moderated by Professors Kurosawa and Yonekawa, Emmi Okada and Raymond Yamamoto made presentations on “Religion and Peacebuilding” and “Proactive Pacifism” on 14th March 2015 in the seminar of the Peacebuilding Research Association of Japan (PRAJ) held at Hosei University Graduate School Building. Valuable comments were made by Professors Higashi, Sakurai, and so forth. This seminar was organized by Professor Katsumi Ishizuka, Secretary-General of the PRAJ.


Announcement for the 13th seminar of the PRAJ on 14th March 2015 (closed)

 The 13th seminar of the Peacebuilding Research Association of Japan (PRAJ) will have two speakers: Emmi Okada who will speak on “Religion and Peacebuilding” and Raymond Yamamoto on “Proactive Pacifism – The Securitization of Japan’s Foreign Policy”. The seminar will take place on Saturday, 14 March 2015 from 15:00 to 17:30 at Hosei University, Graduate School Building, 2nd Floor, Room 201. For participation in the seminar, please send your name to Professor Katsumi Ishizuka (石塚 勝美), Secretary-General of the Peacebuilding Research Association of Japan (**this seminar already ended successfully, thank you). As for the presentation by Emmi Okada, you can get information about her research in advance from the website of the Cabinet Office.


[PRSJ] “Comfort Women” Debated by Three Experts (31st January 2015)

 At the seminar held at Hosei University on 31 January 2015 and participated by about 30 scholars, researchers and students, three experts. Professor Takaaki Mizuno of the Kanda University of International Studies, Assistant Professor Naoko Kumagai of the International University and Ms. Momoyo Ise, former Executive Director of the Asian Women’s Fund, presented their views on issues related to “comfort women” engaged by Japanese soldiers during the World War II. (Ishizuka)


Ishizuka appointed Secretary-General of PRAJ (6th December 2014)

 At its annual meeting of the General Assembly of the Peacebuilding Research Association of Japan (PRAJ) on 6th December 2014, Professor Katsumi Ishizuka of Kyoei University was appointed as the Secretary-General of PRAJ. He had earlier been appointed as acting Secretary-General after the departure of Mr. Yasuki Uchiyama for his study in England. Professor Ishizuka teaches in the Department of International Business Management at Kyoei University, Japan. He obtained a PhD at Keele University, England, in 2000. His research interests include UN peacekeeping operations and peace-building. He wrote several books including “The History of Peace-building in East Timor” (New Delhi: Cambridge University Press India, 2010). The General Assembly of PRAJ re-elected Professor Sukehiro Hasegawa as its President, and it also approved that Professors Satoru Kurosawa and Takaaki Mizuno continue in office as members on the Board of Directors. Then, the Assembly elected Professors Daisaku Higashi, Eiji Oyamada and Masako Yonekawa to the new directors.


Professor Higashi of Tokyo University Presents “Japan’s Contribution to UN’s Peacebuilding Policy” (8th November 2014)

 Professor Daisaku Higashi, Associate Professor and Deputy Director of the Research Center of Sustainable Peace at the Institute of Advanced Global Studies, University of Tokyo, shared his experiences and thoughts on the importance of ensuring inclusivity in rebuilding states and also gave an overview of the activities of the Peace Building Commission. (Emmi Okada)